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10H ceramic coating for automobiles.

Keep your car happy as you would with your partner. Sparkly like a diamond to keep your car happy. Your car, your life.

Whether you drive a JDM import, a European Hypercar or even an old beater that your parents handed down to you right when you got your first license, you always want to keep your car as spotless and shiny as possible. A shiny lump of coal looks better than a dirty nugget of gold. 

With the 10H ceramic coating, you can easily apply a microscopic ceramic coating on one area of your car within minutes. The ceramic coating provides a diamond-like reflective shine on the surface while providing water-repelling properties. Water, mud, and any form of liquid would not stay static on the surface of your car but will just bead off, keeping your car as clean as possible (means less trips to the car wash!)

Steps of application:

1. Wash your car to remove any dirt and small contaminates that may harbor on your car's paint

2. Completed dry off that area of your car that you wish to ceramic coat. Suggestion is to use a microfiber cloth as it will not scratch your paint.

3. Open your 10H ceramic coating package, take a piece of the white applicator cloth and place it over the applicator pad.

4. Begin by applying the pad up and down on the work area until the whole area is covered. After that, change your direction to a left to right motion to ensure full coverage of the area

5. After the application is finished, buff out completely with a clean microfiber cloth

6. Let the ceramic coat set on your car by leaving it preferably in a covered area for 24 hours (ex. underground parking lot or shelter) to minimize the chance of foreign contaminates sticking to the car.

7. Enjoy your new shiny ride! With a diamond-shine reflection on the surface while providing water-beading properties due to its hydrophobic properties.

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